Interesting sightings

We found this in the lobby of one office building where we're considering a unit on the 19th floor. It's in pretty busy area, very convenient with commercial and computer malls, cinemas, typical Chinese food and snack streets, and a very chillout and high-end food street called Shanghai One 上海湾.

An interesting display at an apparel store. As I snapped this picture, the sales assistant snapped at me. Fierce.


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2 Responses to Interesting sightings

  1. weiying says:

    so i see that the vending machines are becoming big in Shanghai? the hairy crab vending machine is all over the Internet now!

    or does this reflect the long hours OT of the Shanghai office workers… i hope you don’t have to use this, HT! 🙂

    • transez says:

      Haha! Yah, I think OT might be the case (thanks weiying, I hope I don’t have to use such things!), or maybe there’s too vibrant a nightlife that people stay out in town, not going home but head right into the office the next day? Realistically though, maybe things move too fast, appointments are made in split seconds, and it’s completely impossible to head home for a proper shirt if you’re wanted for business meetings on a t-shirt day. On average, no matter how short the distance between 2 points, I’ve come to realise, be prepared to give yourself at least an hour travel time. The walking distance between two different subway lines already consumes up to 15 minutes for large interchanges. Even at the mall it takes forever to check out your items.

      Hmm … any other ideas? Interesting to think of all the possible reasons and the underlying trend (convenience, paradox of choice, time …)

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