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I spoke about the breakfast table not about just eating cereal, well, it’s not about just eavesdropping as well. I actually eat a lot these days at breakfast, yes, A LOT, compared to the fact that I usually don’t take breakfast. So I would usually skip lunch, and have light dinners.

Breakfast is when I would pile up on vegetables and fruits. The veges here are really fresh (although sometimes overcooked, but no way will I take raw veges) so it’s really easy on the mouth. I figure that I need these “water sources” foods to keep myself hydrated from the inside out, because even as I pile on moisturiser, my skin remains dry, tight and itchy >.<

I must have my daily honey+plain yoghurt, and honey+toast fix (yah Cindy, no pandan bread anymore but honey toast! Maybe I’m turning into Winnie the Pooh now instead of Panda Girl, hehe) Everything else can vary depending on what’s on the table – on good days, there’re fish and cheesecake! Yeah! I really should take some pictures of the breakfast spread, though humble, is very satisfactory – but maybe I’m quite easily pleased when it comes to food, you can feed me the same thing 2 months and not a word of complaint from me. As long as there’s honey 😉

So usually at night, I’m in a hikikomori mode, unless I decide to meet friends, or have craving for certain foods (like xiaolongbao!), or decide to pick up random foods I’ve never tried. So far, none is too adventurous, hope the pictures don’t bore you! 😉

This is my hikikomori stash ... hehe ...

Haha, Indonesian on the first day in Shanghai. Missing my spicy and spices already ...

Flyer and Jo said their friend highly recommended this fried bun (小杨生煎包)so we went hunting for them, very juicy inside! Delicious eaten hot with some beef soup.

Dumplings! Love em plain or overflowing with chilli and vinegar ... I haven't had any xiaolongbao (小笼包) yet!

Met up with a friend who works at the hi-tech park near where I'm staying, he took me to this HK deli where he would usually have lunch. A little on the oily side, but tasty nonetheless.

Met up with a German CSer for dinner, I had missed this little eatery below the hostel I stayed at in May, so we went for some Shanxi local fare that this place served.


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