Factory-style Chinese efficiency in healthcare

The reason why I can be sitting here in my hotel room awaiting my next appointments is because I under-estimated Chinese efficiency.

I’ve just finished a health check with the same items that took me half a day to complete in Singapore, but is achieved here in under an hour in Chinese-factory-style super efficiency. We were ushered from room to room for different tests, given precise instructions so that the doctors and technicians could perform their assigned tasks speedily. Barely after I rolled off the examination bed and before I could even get dressed properly, the next patient’s already on the bed. No wonder my heart rate was a little high, the doctor had to take a second hypertension test after I was told to breathe and relax. Yah, my blood pressure’s normal 🙂

In all this haste and super-efficiency, probably less attention is paid to details, so perhaps accuracy suffers … but then again, sometimes I wonder if we pay too much unnecessary attention getting details perfected which may not affect the end result at all?

In any case, this morning was quite an experience 😉

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Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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