12.30 Happy Now Year!

Heellloooo there.
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? But thankfully, I manage to make it here before the year ends.
Yeah, that’s like tomorrow.
Yeah, friggin’ tomorrow.
Geddit? Geddit?
Missed it?
Yeah, where did it go?
Stop looking.
Embrace the new one with voracious appetite.
Embrace the now year.
About two weeks ago, I smiled at a typo in one store window here in Shanghai.
“Merry Christmas, and Happy Now Year”
I smiled not because the Chinese spelled it wrong again.
I smiled because the error had brought about a truth.
The truth that only NOW matters.
Daniel in the last year talked at great lengths about living the NOW.
Today, Jason Mraz posted a note on FB.
“This year, I resolve to turn New into Now. “New” often refers to a kind or quality about something, AND tends to refer to a someday, either past or future. Now, however, always means NOW. In this tradition, I get to celebrate early and say, Happy Now Year.”
So Happy Now Year, everyone.
Enjoy the Now moment, do not ask for anything other than Now.
Just enjoy Now, perfectly.

About transez

Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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