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Home :)

Mmmm … I love the rain (even though I hope it’d stop by morning as I’ll be having two busy days catching up with friends and colleagues, and not to mention doing some new year shopping for clothes especially, so … Continue reading

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IM customer service

This morning, I wanted to check with China Telecom to find out if it’d be okay to unplug the internet box while I’m away in Singapore over the Chinese New Year period to save electricity, and that I’d still find … Continue reading

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Quality service

Service quality is certainly not a notion one readily associates with China. Honestly, I’m quite surprised, but very impressed with what I’ve observed on two separate occasions, so I’d like to say to naysayers, there indeed is service quality here in Shanghai … Continue reading

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Future horizontal

I alerted my friend to a job opportunity here, and one of her first comments was, “more and more websites are horizontal now”.  Like MocoLoco, too. That sure got my attention. Only a few days ago, a colleague did a … Continue reading

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No sweat, I like

So I was helping a friend out with a vote for her picture on JPG Mag. But alas, I couldn’t vote unless I registered. So, I could choose to fill in my profile details, or choose to click the little “Connect … Continue reading

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Writing for conference

This morning (or rather yesterday), while still drowsy from sleep (I slept at 3 am), I got a Skype message from Daniel inviting me to co-write for the Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces conference. I was very flattered, and most certainly enthusiastic … Continue reading

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harpie (^___^) design

Introducing my sister blog: harpie (^___^) design. Actually this project was seeded from conversations with a colleague in Singapore, Li Ren, when she was doing a research on health and wellness. One of the conclusions we had was that ultimately, people … Continue reading

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