I think God likes stuffed toys ^__^*

So I was following a link by National Geographic on Facebook this morning at breakfast. Going through the gallery and thinking how cute the animals were, I began to wonder why the world was so rich with millions and millions of organisms in every imaginable shape, size, color and whatnot description we can assign them. And then, I wondered why God created animals. Was he like me, needed cute furry things to keep warm and company, only he has the power to make some of the most amazing “stuffed toys” in the world.

Then God grew up, and like Andy of Toy Story, he gave away his toys so other kids (us) could have a childhood as great as him. Mind you, childhood for God is our entire lifetimes. Haha. So it’s our life mission to take good care of these “stuffed toys” so other children in future can continue to bask in the beauty and warmth of these fur balls. Enjoy.

baby sealbaby elephant - all I want to do is go to Africa and see elephants!teddy bears - i don't care if they're savage or not, bears are teddies to me. And maybe to God too. Haha.this picture makes me tear, because i have seen so many depressing ones involving global warming and the fate of polar bears


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