Pretty colours and patterns

Snow on the shrubs create very pretty patterns I thought, and the blue umbrella as the bright spot against bleak white and gray is quite captivating

A pair of mother and son walking in the snow

I saw them from afar, framed my shot and just waited. It's a pity they're so far away and my camera doesn't have super zoom capabilities so the quality is kinda subpar. But the emotional value is not. At least not to me. It feels like a scene jumping out of a Murakami page. Haha, I'm in this Japanesque state of mind, I miss it a lot, I want to return soon. And I've just ordered a bunch of books by a new-to-me Jap author Banana Yoshimoto. I know, the name intrigues me more than anything else, but she's received very rave reviews, and so far, I've enjoyed the synopses of her books.

Snow blankets the neighbourhood

My neighbourhood in a blanket of white by afternoon but the snow wasn't thick enough to make snowballs


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