Writing for conference

This morning (or rather yesterday), while still drowsy from sleep (I slept at 3 am), I got a Skype message from Daniel inviting me to co-write for the Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces conference. I was very flattered, and most certainly enthusiastic as I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest time, especially now that I’m investigating happiness. Also, I can envision spending some summer days in Milan at the conference conducting the workshop as a case study we present in our paper.

So, I’ve finished the first draft, and we will sync again in the morning. The deadline for the paper is 30 January. Haha, we will do a mad dash, who knows, we might just make it. After finishing the paper just now, I had a pretty good feeling, but I’m an extremely inexperienced conference paper writer, so who knows. We’ll find out in the morning. But I’m excited all the same 🙂

About transez

Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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