No sweat, I like

So I was helping a friend out with a vote for her picture on JPG Mag.

But alas, I couldn’t vote unless I registered. So, I could choose to fill in my profile details, or choose to click the little “Connect with Facebook” button.

Facebook Connect

Skip the arduous form-filling, and choose Facebook Connect

So obviously, I went the easy route, and this permission screen pops up.

Permission to access Facebook details

Permission to access Facebook details

Granted of course, anything to save me all the hassle of filling forms. After verifying if my preferred login ID was available, I was all set up with a JPG account. All in 3 clicks. That was truly effortless, compared to the days of filling in lengthy forms with items that I didn’t comprehend.

If you remember this post, are we concerned with the prevalence of Facebook and should we grant permission for websites to share personal information from Facebook, will our privacy be compromised?

The way I see it, it could be better to have all the websites I’m registered on connected to the personal particulars page I filled in on Facebook. Because then, I need only to deal with ONE Facebook datasheet rather than have personal information of varying degrees of privacy settings floating around in hundreds of webcoves in cyberspace (admit it, you do have that many websites you’re registered on, perhaps even thousands!)

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