Home :)

Mmmm … I love the rain (even though I hope it’d stop by morning as I’ll be having two busy days catching up with friends and colleagues, and not to mention doing some new year shopping for clothes especially, so doing all that in wet weather isn’t my idea of fun).

The rain delayed our flight slightly because the plane arrived late since it couldn’t take off in Singapore due to heavy rain this morning. Nevertheless, we arrived just a few minutes later than scheduled so there was no big issue at all.

As usual, I had a window seat and had tonnes of fun snapping away at the sky. Krisworld between Shanghai and Singapore for this month sucks. I only managed to watch a Spanish movie on how a father began to empathize with the homosexuals whom he once despised after he was forced to cross-dress as his wife for his young daughter who missed her mom. It’s an okay movie, I was more indifferent to it than to say I liked or hated it.

I didn’t have other movies that I wanted to watch and this plane doesn’t have video-on-demand so I couldn’t be bothered to wait. Hence, I chose to listen to music as I drifted in and out of my dreams, waking up sometimes to find amazing sights outside the window.

Home for Chinese New Year

Home for Chinese New Year, it is also my first flight of 2011.


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