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SG abolishes TV/Radio license

I think this is the coolest thing Singapore has done, in recognizing that TVs and radios are not luxuries, in embracing the information age, in encouraging the proliferation of content and integration of traditional and new media. Yes, the necessary … Continue reading

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Sometimes I’m so afraid to hope. Because if it does not turn out as what I’ve hoped for, I’ll be so crushed. Yah, things will almost always not turn out the way I hope they would. Everytime something good happens to … Continue reading

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Live the language

This morning, my colleague Wee Kiat shared a series of video clips that brought much happiness to my heart and some tears to my eyes. I saw my own stories unfolding in each one of them, even the cities that I’ve … Continue reading

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Saturday night live

I met up with my friend Piotr again last Saturday (he wants to enjoy as much of Shanghai before he leaves end of this month) armed with this itinerary for the evening: art, choc, Korean food and da club. The art … Continue reading

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No no, it’s far from over. Haha. Recently I received an email/CNY greeting from the good people of the Finnish pavillion at last year’s World Expo. Attached was a dorky picture that I had left in their guestbook on that fateful day. … Continue reading

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Fromage et bonbon

Every Thursday is movie night at Vienna Cafe, a cozy outfit in the French Concession that serves Austrian sweets and dishes. For the next 4 weeks, they will screen films from indie Chinese film-makers, last night’s being the first in the … Continue reading

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Well, one of the downsides of the convenience of digital cameras is, you see something cool, you take a picture, you transfer it to your computer, and there it stays for eternity. So today, while working on a project, I remembered … Continue reading

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