I began my last day in Tokyo at Ueno Park, famous for its beautiful cherry blossom trees and the hanami during the sakura season. I thought I had lucked out with this year being colder than usual in Tokyo and the flowers had not fully blossomed yet in Asakusa where I was staying. But apparently not the case in Ueno, much to my delight ^_^

Hanami at Ueno Park, Tokyo

Hanami at Ueno Park, Tokyo. Hanami is the Japanese traditional custom of flower viewing during the sakura season.

So apparently, hanami began last weekend, i.e. yesterday. As my friend and I headed for a lazy Sunday afternoon of animation and music at his place in Naka-meguro, we walked amidst the crowd of flower gazers at the town’s little river famous for the annual hanami.

The river that runs through Naka-meguro. My friend translated the words on the lantern as saying, "ganbatte, friends in the northeast" (where the earthquake struck on 311)

I had a great time doing things that a regular Tokyoite would do I suppose. Hope to be back soon, hopefully sooner than when the fall leaves turn amber ^_^

Ganbatte Nihon, jaa ne! See you soon.

Ganbatte Nihon, jaa ne! See you soon.

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