5 cm per sec

Yet another film about distance – 5 centimeters per second – that is how fast sakura petals float onto the ground. Amazingly, distance is all I’ve been encountering recently with regards to life and people in Japan, it seems.

Is distance an intrinsic problem in  Japanese society, so much so felt in Tokyo?

Despite running at the forefront of modern communication technology, despite being hailed as the world’s Tomorrowland, has Japan sprinted too fast and too far for its own good? Is uber-modernity throwing people aimlessly off into a free-falling future? Is the very technology – the superspeed shinkansen, the do-it-all keitai – aimed at bringing people closer together at the speed of light, pulling people further and further apart?

Maybe that is true. The close proximity to Japan can be so much further than the distance trans-Pacific.


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Design researcher: curious about people, passionate about life.
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