So I was shopping for my favorite bread at my favorite store Carrefour at Zhongshan Gongyuan Friday evening. The staff saw that I had only one (priced at RMB4.80), and told me that I could get two for RMB6.20, they were running a promotion. So gleefully I took another because I sure didn’t mind since I love bread, bread makes me happy and I had all the intention of becoming a hikikomori all weekend with my COMPLETE Studio Ghibli Collection (yes!)

So the very trusting person that I am (the checkouts are usually perfect with even hourly promotional items in Singapore) I checked out my stuff, went through the short list on the receipt (which is uncharacteristically me since I usually just shove it right into the shopping bag) and discovered that I had been charged twice for the two breads. I actually went back into the store to complain but later decided against it because it was so crowded and the bread didn’t cost much and I could handle two loaves really over the weekend.

On my way out of the store again, the security personnel made me go through the scanner at the exit. Then he picked out my two loaves of bread, so I thought I’d complain to him. From his response, it seemed I was not the only complainant. But some other guys came through the scanner with big bags and the guard went on to attend to them instead of me and my lonely breads.

But that really made me wonder. Is it a case that Carrefour’s payment system does not adjust accordingly to promotions (maybe it’s a random promotion? but still it’s unforgivable that this should happen) or the bakery staff, in a bid to fulfill their sales quota, had been scamming customers into buying two loaves of bread in the name of a fake promotion? Geez, either way, this should not have happened at a place like Carrefour.


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