Paper acceptance

April 20, 2011 is going down in my book as a landmark day for my career as a design researcher. The paper that Daniel and I made a mad dash for – “Board game brainstorm: pleasurable design solutions originate from pleasurable design process” – has been accepted to be included in DPPI 2011 conference and proceedings.

Say what? Yes. A design conference. Design Pleasurable Products and Interfaces conference. As if that does not rock my world enough, apparently there are three categories of acceptance – “Accepted with major revision”, “Accepted with minor revision” and “Accepted”. So we are “Accepted”. How swell is that.

Okay, now please allow me to digress a little. I know I’ve been neglecting our happiness blog lately, I should really get that moving again. Also in the cards is a plan to publish research methodologies targeted at doing fieldwork in China (with a Shanghai-based Singaporean designer/entrepreneur, pretty excited about this one!) But it’s no use talking about ambitions unless they’re also put into action. Yes!

Being accepted for the DPPI is a really good start. Another gentle step toward becoming a full-fledged design researcher (see, a researcher has the professional obligation to publish, publish, publish!)

Thank you Daniel, for your guidance and the opportunity to take this step 🙂 And to the entire Singapore team – you guys rock with so much creativity oozing every second of the day, proud to be one of you! 🙂


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