Okay this is my first time blogging to WordPress directly from my iPod Touch. Let’s see if it works well 🙂

Brunch at Coffee Tree Cafe in the French Concession, a nice and cozy though foreigner-oriented cafe. Wish it was closer to home though so I could come more often, he he.

Picture time! *Pictures from Instagram on my iPod. Dunno why the WordPress app doesn’t allow captions … maybe I should explore further. Captions here have been added on the computer … *

Chilling with friends at Coffee Tree in the French Concession for brunch. Very nice ambience, although the crowd is a tad bit too foreign. Haha, check out the guy with the flowers.

Cheese beef lasagna and the royal wedding spread. Not a bad way to start my long weekend!

Fully satisfied. It's not like the best lasagna ever, but with the right atmosphere and company, hell yah, it's one hell of a satisfying meal ^_^


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