Hidden gems

When the parasols go up, it’s all green against green at the Coffee Tree Cafe. Love it.

Soothing green against intense green at the Coffee Tree Cafe. One of the nicest things about older Shanghainese architecture is that these mansions often have creepers like this cover their entire facades so beautifully. It's truly art in all the wilderness.

As we walked back to the metro station, we passed by the hole-in-the-wall bookstore – 1984 – which I’ve always wanted to enter, again. It was now open, so we pressed the doorbell. A young guy came to the door and let us in.

Entering 1984 was like stumbling upon your grandpa’s hidden book chamber. It has a very cozy interior, wall to wall full of books, albeit mostly in Chinese. The book covers are stunning too. There’s even a separate chamber housing books from the owner’s personal collection, with little reminders on the shelves to replace the books and magazines after perusal. Oh, and they also have two cats who are as amiable as they’re beautiful ~_~

This little bookstore serves coffee and tea, so for someone like me who wouldn’t be able to buy the books there (because of language paralysis >_<) but who would love to browse their interesting collection, it will be possible to hang out here and spend some money on food and beverages as a token of appreciation for the joy of reading. It has a pretty little garden too, so you can bring your tea and leather-bound books out there on a nice sunny spring day and get lost in fantastic fantasy.

The entrance to the endearing 1984 bookstore. I'm definitely coming back to get out of Shanghai's maddening crowd into the tranquility of this cozy store and the deeper realms of its literature.

But I’m gonna leave ya with just this picture of the front door. Truthfully, I did not feel like taking any photos today as a casual visitor because it felt like infringing on someone’s privacy (since it was so homey). Haha. Maybe next time, when I spend more time there really browsing and reading, and getting lost in the mood, pictures will follow. But here’s one from colobigbow on Flickr.


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