Home-cooked food

This is my first taste of the neighborhood, and I liked it. One of the many dining places on Hailun Road, and its vicinity, this little eatery is run by a very nice couple who could customize the dishes to your taste. The price tag is extremely affordable too, but I found something else that is priceless here – the taste of home.

We were way past lunchtime, which explains why it is so empty. We have seen many people coming in to takeaway their food, and the delivery person had left the deli a couple of times with bags of somebody's lunch while we were there. Check, one place to order our lunch from next time on rainy, busy or lazy days.

Stir-fried green vegetables, so fresh and crunchy it could easily have come from my mom's kitchen.

Fish slices drenched in soy sauce gravy. Many a times my mother would make fish like this. Haha, do I sound homesick yet? Hell, yah.


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