Just dessert

On a lazy Sunday afternoon last week, I brought Pauline and Fauzie to two of my favorite haunts – Songfang Teahouse on Yongjia Road and HoF Chocolate Bar on Sinan Road. Totally decadent, but who’s complaining eh? *_^

I ♥ the smell and taste of homemade cakes. This peach (momo) cake at Songfang Teahouse is exactly that. Shoutout to momomike, you smell and taste great (*_^)

This is a French dessert. I have the memory of Dory, so its name has long escaped me.

Our lineup of beautiful teapots, cups, saucers and cakes. Bon appetit!

My Dory memory is telling me that this is the orange chocolate cake. It tasted heavenly, that I remember vividly.

Crème brûlée ... okay you know what it's like.

Pauline's special chocolate brew ... I think it had some alcoholic content in it.

Both Fauzie and I picked the Italian dark chocolate (65%) "drink", which really was thick and creamy fudge, like it had just been freshly melted from a chocolate bar.


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2 Responses to Just dessert

  1. weiying says:

    we covered this cafe in Asia Forward before!

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