Mail to future

Just a few minutes on foot from The Bund on Fuzhou Road is the Captain Youth Hostel. When we walked past it, we were enthralled by its walls of beautiful postcards which featured the artwork of Chinese artists and graphic designers. Being the paper art and card lovers that we were, we hurried in, only to discover that this little hideout harbored something more interesting, and potentially precious to some – the ability to mail a card today to a date as far as 10 years from now. Wow, what a concept.

These are the mailboxes with dates on them, for cards to be mailed within this year. While Fauzie and Pauline got a few of em pretty cards, I bought three - for Mother's Day and Father's Day, and one for my friend - two cats sitting on high-strung electric cables like his cats would if they could come with him to Tokyo.

These are the mailboxes for post dates from 2 up to 10 years into the future. I haven't sent the 40-year-old me a card yet, maybe sometime in the future I will.


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