I love shadows and reflections. Every chance I get, I snap. Shadows and reflections are ephemeral beauties. Because they are ephemeral, they are beautiful, much like the sakura.

Before I start indulging in my own dreamworld, here is what I wanted to share. Shadow shots at the main building of 1933 (老场坊), which will soon be where I go to work everyday. Frankly, I’m excited about it. It truly is a very unique and beautiful place, both in its uber-alien architecture and the adjacent hyper-local neighborhood. And of course, Jia Jia the super-duper Alaskan Malamute will be the one I look forward to meeting every morning and evening as she goes for her run with her owner and the tiny Bao! ♥

Fauzie, Me and Pauline: A shadow play.

Just me, performing my own shadow butoh. Hah.

It was more challenging than usual getting a clear shot like this because while we were there, there was an international breakdance competition happening as well. So lots of hippish street kids were running about. Pretty cool yo ... yo yo yo ...

The stunning sunset at 1933. I rejoice at the prospect of seeing this everyday in future.

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