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It’s been a crazy busy week. Haiku is a good way to steal away from the maddening crowd of daily chores. Here you can find many good haiku, but below are three I made up – reminiscing, remembering, forgetting. Bitter cold … Continue reading

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ADC Shanghai

It was Friday the 13th. I don’t think we actually planned it that way, but being the rebellious quirky bunch of designers that we are, it was little wonder that we made it our moving day. From Friday the 13th … Continue reading

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You know summer has arrived when you start seeing momo (peaches in Japanese) at the fruit sellers. These are naked momo, hope to see some hairy momo 水蜜桃 soon (^_^)

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MIDI Shanghai 2011

Let me begin with the message championed by this year’s MIDI Music Festival. PROTECT MOON BEARS, BOYCOTT BEAR BILE! Moon bears are farmed in China so that their bile can be extracted for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine. These bears … Continue reading

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I remember watching LOST so many years ago, and there was one episode called ‘Walkabout’. I don’t remember the details already; what I do recall is that it was strange, and most definitely an interesting episode. Like my day today. … Continue reading

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Youth Inc

I’ve been on their mailing list for quite some time now, and have met the folks from enovate a couple of times. So when I received an email from them saying they’d be hosting a youth connection event, which they … Continue reading

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When you see “serious” publications like Businessweek and Knowledge@Wharton write about dating, you blink twice to check if you have not been momentarily dyslexic. But when they publish 3 articles between themselves but within the same timeframe, then it’s probably … Continue reading

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