I remember watching LOST so many years ago, and there was one episode called ‘Walkabout’. I don’t remember the details already; what I do recall is that it was strange, and most definitely an interesting episode. Like my day today.

I arranged to meet Lynnette at Yan’an West Road metro station which is right next to Yuyintang for the enovate youth connection event at 11.30 am because we planned to have lunch and chit chat first, potentially about some side projects, before heading for the event. While waiting, I chanced upon this sight.

Caught in the act: Bruce Lee frowning at the girl tinkering with his laundry!

After Lynnette arrived, we walked casually exploring the neighborhood looking for interesting makan places when we stumbled upon a quaint one called Le Petit Chateau.

I'm sorry, I don't know why I always forget to take pictures of the restaurants I go to, but this is the first sight that greets you once you enter Le Petit Chateau.

After taking the stairs to the second floor, you see this. Lynnette said it's Alice In Wonderland.

The restaurant's nicely made menu simply proved Lynnette right.

Little touches of home are apparent throughout the restaurant, making patrons feel cozy and comfortable.

It's a really homey little joint, with this angel guarding the door.

The little ornaments remind you of your own living room or dining room.

Sprightly and bright ceiling light.

The food is a home-run, too. I thoroughly enjoyed my pasta, and Lynnette, her risotto.

My Linguini de la Mer was laden with heaps of different seafood, much to my delight. Never have I had pasta where the ratio of garnishing to pasta is 1:1. This is the way pasta should be done.

Lynnette's seafood risotto looked absolutely heavenly. Both of us were hugely satisfied with the food and the ambience at Le Petit Chateau. À bientôt!

After the enovate event, Lynnette headed off to the Singapore Consulate General to vote. Yes, May 7 is polling day for Singapore, and unlike previous years, this time, the energy level is at an all-time high, and every Singaporean worthy of his/her salt goes to the polls. Meanwhile, unsure of what to do for the rest of the afternoon, I decided to just walk about and explore the area between Yan’an West and Zhongshan Park (where I’d head over to Carrefour). These two places are just one metro station apart, it should be quick.

The uncle and his friends, and his stash of personal paraphernalia on sale. Other than pins, badges and coins, there were also little red books that (as far as I could understand from the Chinese words) document proceedings of the communist party's meetings, which I thought was incredibly interesting.

I bought these: a Chairman Mao badge from 1968 and 3 badges from the 1990 Asian Games.

Even more quickly, I got distracted by the things, people, cats and dogs that I encountered along the way.

Uncle taking his afternoon nap, oblivious to the screeching tires of cars passing above on the Yan'an West Freeway.

Airing laundry high and above. If Bruce had done this, he wouldn't have no girl tinkering with his yellow powersuits 🙂

Chanced upon a rather dilapidated neighborhood. Yet, life is so simple here just trading fresh vegetables and livestock. Chatty voices and laughter abound.

A couple of scruffy kids in the neighborhood. Super cute.

A group of poker enthusiasts and their spectators. I wonder who's betting on who. The store on the left sells lottery tickets, it says so on the red banner.

Noodle store owner winding down after lunch and preparing for the dinner crowd in a couple of hours.

Very old and dilapidated 弄堂 houses, possibly soon to be torn down as Shanghai's rapid modernization bulldozes old ways of life.

Possibly the first hint of abandonment, an old chair sits outside a vacant store/office. More rundown houses in the background. I was mostly attracted to the sprightly aqua green against the weathered tan scheme of things.

More abandonment: in a nation with more than 800 million mobile subscribers, public phone booths could soon be a thing of the past.

I inadvertently woke her up from her nap at the base of a parked motorcycle ... sorry mate ... don't understand? 对不起啦,朋友!

My recent obsession with black dogs continues with this beauty with white paws.

So, regardless of the close proximity of Zhongshan Park from my starting point, I soon got a bit lost. My feet were really quite tired already, and I contemplated jumping into a taxi and head straight home. Just as I rolled that thought around in my head, a free Tesco shuttle rolled in right in front of me to drop off a passenger. Up until now, I only knew one Tesco in Shanghai – the one near my house. It never occurred to my tired brain there might be a second Tesco around, I was dead sure the bus was gonna take me right home. Needless to say, I jumped in immediately.

About 15 minutes later, the bus came to the Tesco on Wuyi Road (武夷路). After alighting, I saw the familiar Cloud Nine Shopping Mall (龙之梦) at Zhongshan Park that I had initially wanted to go to so that I could raid Carrefour’s salad bar. SO, after one big round, I’d be headed where I wanted to go in the first place. I laughed hysterically. C’est la vie. You really don’t know where it might lead you. Just go with the flow I guess, and enjoy the ride. And the sights.

Cloud Nine Shopping Mall, the tallest building on the left, stacked with other high-rises at Zhongshan Park.

Cables and creepers.

Sunset. Perfect for my favorite kind of shots. Shadow shots.

The sun setting behind apartment buildings.

The setting sun cast an eerie glow on a number of abandoned buildings in partial teardown.

I reached home around 7 pm, thinking I would wash my face and put on a mask while I rested my feet. Then my friend called. I haven’t seen him in 6 freaking months (he got married, honeymooned at the Maldives, bought an apartment, signed up for MBA and became an Apple fanboy in all that time). He was in Xujiahui (after splurging on the magic mouse *rolleyes*) and wanted to meet for dinner. Still quite stuffed from the wonderful lunch, I asked to go for coffee instead. But since he’s never been to my house before, he chose to just come over and hang out. It was great to see an old friend so unexpectedly. Plus he brought me tea leaves from his hometown Huangshan and Rocher chocolates!

Yippie! Truly an awesome day of unexpected twists and turns and pleasant surprises 🙂


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