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It was Friday the 13th. I don’t think we actually planned it that way, but being the rebellious quirky bunch of designers that we are, it was little wonder that we made it our moving day. From Friday the 13th onward, ASUS Design Center Shanghai has a permanent home at 1933 Shanghai, one of China’s most prominent creative parks.

This is ASUS Design Center in Shanghai. Playing with iPhoto effects, and I think it matches quite well with the original color scheme of our building and the long history this place is rooted in, so here.

The search of a suitable office has been long and tedious, made more difficult by China’s property ownership rights. But we are finally here. We have a home now. We are planting our roots in the soil of Shanghai. Roots that will soon grow and extend to every nook and corner of the Middle Kingdom.

Loving the rustic look of our design center's logo.

So bye-bye, work from home days. I’ve kinda missed coming to the office and being in the company of explosive creativity. It’s been lonely these 6 months. I’ve come to hate talking to myself, left brain debating with right brain, right limbs fighting with left ventricle.

Explosive creativity: the original team that moved in on Friday the 13th in our workshop where many experiments will take place to bring tomorrow's good design to lucky Chinese people. L-R: Team Leader Flyer, Design Researcher KK, Color+Material Specialist Colin, Industrial Designer Miya and Administrator Echo (not here).

Yesterday, the guys moved from their temporary workstations at our sales office in Minhang Development Zone in southern Shanghai. At the new office, everyone worked at moving heavy furniture from level two where they were temporarily stored while renovations went on on the first level. After that, we were all about undressing chairs and unpacking boxes, while our (cute) IT colleague came to set up the server and put us back online. Slowly, the office came into being, and it was laughter and excitement all around.

KK gave a high jump after a tiring day, but job well done.

Team leader and rock climber with a name to match, Flyer putting the final touches to the paint job around our logo on the facade of our building.

A neighborhood steeped in history with interesting architecture and local lifestyle, which has not changed in decades, throws one back into the heyday of old Shanghai. The vicinity of 1933 Shanghai is a big draw to the international art and design community, tourists and big brands, all seeking to romance Shanghai in their own ways.

Other than the old Harry Potter-esque train (back) that is a fixture and landmark of 1933 Shanghai, we sometimes receive quirky vehicles from pre-Revolution days, like this cool red one (front). We later saw a girl in hot pants drive off with her 2 male friends perched on the passenger seats attached to the bike.

Cartier, too, chose Friday the 13th for the launch of their new collection. Love the juxtaposition of luxury against regular Shanghainese, whose little girl, as pictured, holds huge potential as a valued future Cartier customer.

Residents across the street from the main entrance of 1933 Shanghai where a red carpet was rolled out and flanked by men in costume military suits, waiting to usher in VIPs, likely some famous Chinese and international celebrities, and probably the ones the residents were waiting patiently to catch a glimpse of.

We left after 8 pm, and after the Cartier VIPs had arrived and the crowd dispersed. A deep sense of tranquility washed over us. We could finally start working from the same location as a team on Monday. YEAH!

The newbie that has just landed is set to create history as remarkable, vibrant and enduring as its predecessor that has stood stoically here since 1933.


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