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Slish slosh splat

Saturday started off sunny, sending me scrambling to wash my shoes still caked in some mud from last Sunday’s escapade to Suzhou. It quickly turned cloudy, showers were guaranteed. Nevertheless, I headed out to meet a 2 PM appointment with … Continue reading

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采杨梅 Picking waxberry

I got lucky again today. Despite the early morning drizzle in Shanghai, the weather as we pulled into Suzhou was pretty agreeable for an afternoon in the hills picking waxberries. It was 10:45, approximately half an hour after we set … Continue reading

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This week, China was lashed by lightning and heavy rainfall, causing hundreds of flight delays. When we were still in Shanghai caught in light rainfall which annoyingly ensued the whole day, Beijing had thunderstorms. One colleague who was booked on … Continue reading

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After months of preparation, ADC Shanghai was officially opened on June 10, 2011. We had a small private party where we invited our colleagues from all over China, partners who have helped us along the way as the newbie in … Continue reading

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On the eve of our ADC Shanghai‘s grand opening party, everyone stayed back to tie up loose ends so that we wouldn’t have funky surprises on the day itself – June 10, 2011. After that, we headed out for a … Continue reading

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This is the day that is in the shape of Pisces. One fish swimming upstream, one fish swimming downstream. A change of tide for sure. So today, let go and let in. Time for a change of tide. This is … Continue reading

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炒豆合作社 BBQ

We walked about in 南锣鼓巷 for about 1.5 hours before the guys from 炒豆合作社 finally called us. We were so famished!

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