I had one last interview with another game design student on Saturday morning. He was from Chengdu, my favorite Chinese city, extremely friendly and we talked for more than 3 hours, way longer than the scheduled two.

Fortunately, my friend Open, who is also from Chengdu, had to move house in the morning, so we arranged to meet later at 14:30 at Chaoyang Park’s Blue Lagoon (朝阳公园蓝色港湾).

Beautiful day for a family day out. Colorful balloons were all the rage among the kids.

An interesting flea market at Blue Lagoon. Most of the items were not for sale, you gotta have something that you could exchange with the things peddled by the vendors. However, some vendors would let go of their stock for a few yuan. The booths were named after Chinese online stores/social networks.

The organizers gave away stickers for free. I ♥ Beijing for sure.

The cinemas now are screening Kungfu Panda 2. Word is that the Chinese-dubbed version is excellent. I gotta watch that one, have always thought it weird that Po and gang speak English when everything else is so Chinese.

Open's friend Nick, a Californian, met us for drinks afterward. He showed us this hangout next to a lake, which I believed was man-made.

Not bad at all a place to chill out on this hot summer afternoon.

The girl at the next table with her mom, chocolate traces all around her lips. Cute.

Open's new friends she's bringing home from the flea market.

The Madagascar and Ice Age guys are particularly funny, they make great pictures ^_^

Open wanted to bring us to an amazing BBQ chicken place called 抄豆合作社 at 炒豆胡同 (Chaodou Hutong – Chaodou literally means fried beans). Nick already had plans for the evening so it was just us girls heading there. We thought we were early at 17:00, but we found out that there’s already a waiting list in front of us. So Open left her name and number so they could call us back as soon as they had a table, and we strolled down an adjacent hutong – 南锣鼓巷 – that was rather popular with tourists.

Takoyaki in the making ... wish it would cook soon, hungry! Both Open and I had been busy in the morning so we didn't have much to eat earlier.

Finally he's fishing up our takoyaki! It's not the best takoyaki I've tasted, though, the insides could have been a little firmer, it was a tad too liquefied.

We stumbled upon a beverage store with a private collection of Coke bottles and cans through the years.

Coke in China: beautiful bottle designs that would please Coke fans and non-fans alike.

After our delicious BBQ dinner, we headed out to 后海 (Houhai) which houses a massive bar street, and other exquisite restaurants and shops.

So cute! The cotton candy's twice the size of her head, haha.

Also a sticker fan. Cool.

The shops were cute, but with Open's tired feet and my tired eyes, plus the claustrophobia-inducing crowd, we skipped many of them and just walked on. We didn't check into any of the bars either.

Hehe ... a comic relief to my fatigue.

We went to Sanlitun afterward, but it was late and many shops were closing. If I thought the Uniqlo building in Shanghai was impressive, this was even more so.

Sunday was my last day in Beijing. I had till about 4 pm before I had to leave for the airport. After visiting some of the computer malls in Zhongguancun, I headed out to Xidan.

A giant money-sucker machine that would tease the cash out of China's growing middle class. One can find a wide range of clothing, accessories and electronics from the lowest-priced to upper-middle bracket.

My final stop in the city of Beijing - the super-crowded Apple Store at 大悦城.


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  1. Eta Uso Jr says:

    nice. I hope to travel to Beijing some day

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