After months of preparation, ADC Shanghai was officially opened on June 10, 2011. We had a small private party where we invited our colleagues from all over China, partners who have helped us along the way as the newbie in Shanghai, and of course, the media.

The party’s theme – Metamorphosis 破茧而出 – was aptly so as ADC prepared for a grand entry into China’s design and technology scene. If you’re wondering why everyone has a pink ribbon, that’s the “butterfly” for ADC Shanghai’s staff; other colleagues got blue ones while the media, silver ones.

Tis the wet season in Shanghai for these two weeks, but that didn't dampen our spirits a wee bit.

Inside, the caterer was setting up the tables and laying out the food.

Jay and Miya cutting and laying out the cheese to go with wine.

Our delightful wine selection. How many are getting drunk tonight?

Guests are arriving in droves!

Guests are photographed by a polaroid camera, their pictures will join our photo wall.

Our photo wall ... is your picture here yet?

And then, guests can speak to the camera and utter some words of blessing for our new design center!

Meanwhile, upstairs, the gleaming NX90 spellbinds Jay and Xu Ning.

Our colorful A-Series were da bomb too!

Tired event photographer KK takes a breather while team leader Flyer checks that every tiny detail has been ironed out.

The butterflies in Colin's stomach completed their metamorphosis before ADC Shanghai! They're already fluttering in this nervous event host's tummy ...

Finally! With a gentle twist by both Flyer and ADC's global design director Mitch, the trophy, which is in the shape of a soaring butterfly, lights up, marking the official completion of our metamorphosis and the arrival of ADC on Chinese soil.


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