It’s hot!

On my first day there, Taipei’s design research leader, Jason, took the team out to a hotpot dinner. This place was unique in that it still used charcoal to cook the soup. The strength of the fire was somewhat inconsistent because of this method – sometimes the soup boiled nicely, while other times, the water was just so still we wondered if our food was thoroughly cooked.

Row 1 (left) Charcoal burning, (right) Our pot boiling and cooking everything that was in it. Row 2 (left) Mushrooms!, (right) 猪/鸭血糕 - pig/duck blood cake which is glutinous rice mixed with either pig or duck blood - it's one my favorite Taiwanese food. Row 3 (left) The spread, (right) My concoction of the sauce to go with the food.

The restaurant interiors were super Chinese, it felt like Shanghai 🙂

Flora's super cute son, Jia An, joined us for a while before his daddy picked him up.

Everyone had a good time chatting while waiting for the food in the pot to cook.

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