During last week’s business trip to Taipei, I got reunited with my design research team from Singapore – Daniel, Luke, Liren, Weijie. On Saturday, we also met up with our former colleague, industrial designer Johnson and his fiancee Laura who moved back to Taipei half a year ago because the couple will be getting hitched in October. Congratulations you two!

To me, colleagues are never mere colleagues. All my colleagues have become fast friends. I cannot imagine an office where relationships are formal and strictly professional. Unfortunately, at many places, that is the sad reality. Hence, I am immensely thankful that in all my jobs, I’ve met great people who inspire me to become more than who I am, by becoming more than just colleagues. By being good friends. I love y’all!

Team Singapore giving a toast! To job well done, to our friendship! L-R: Weijie, Luke, Laura, Johnson, Daniel, Liren

The Three Musketeers of Singapore. I love this shot. L-R: Daniel, Weijie, Luke

I wanted to capture everyone on this staircase but it was simply impossible with the traffic at this popular 阿给 (A-gei) shop. Three's better than none, and a nice one too! L-R: Daniel, Johnson and Laura.

We all had street food for dinner that night. I feasted on:

1) 大肠包小肠: Big instestine wrapping small intestine, which is really glutinous rice wrapped over sausage – one of my favorites, delicious!

2) 大鸡排: huge fried chicken fillet sprinkled with chilli powder, it’s so huge it was also my lunch the following day

3) 阿给: A-gei, which is tofu skin wrapping vermicelli and served in sweet broth – as tofu-loving as I am, this is a must-have every trip to Taipei

4) 肉丸: meatball, which is meat wrapped in glutinous rice skin – the one here is not as nice because the skin is too thick. A good version would be translucent and pinkish because of the meat inside.

Here's what I ate that night! From top-left: 大肠包小肠,大鸡排,阿给,肉丸.

Because Danshui is a seaside town, it has many sea produce.

Squid waiting to be grilled.

Escargot in different flavors - non-spicy, less spicy, mildly spicy, very spicy.

Super cute window display. Let's go kick some serious butt, my dear friends! v(^_^)v

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