Simply Tapas

Last Friday, our design center’s leader HW gave us all a treat at a cozy Spanish food place near the office and right smack in a nature conservation park. The restaurant is Simply Tapas in English, but in Chinese, it is known as 水鸟, whose direct translation is “water bird”. The park is a wetland with a diverse population including water birds.

Looking out of the restaurant's balcony, this is the refreshing view of nature.

Restaurant interiors - extremely cozy, love it.

I was immediately attracted to this happy little ghost that guarded the wine shelf, possibly left over from Halloween. Haha, the 酒鬼, a happy drunken ghost he is.

These must be bunnies from Easter 🙂 Whatever, I adore them all the same.

The food took quite a long time to come, so I busied myself with picture-taking.

Meanwhile, Flora and Daniel engaged in a serious conversation.

Daniel, Joshua and Weijie killing each other to own the sumptuous spread. Who's the winner?

Everyone's a winner, I guess. So was every dish that came to the table. This afternoon meal was a total delight, beginning with this salami appetizer.

Grilled to perfection. What kinda fish is this? Who cares, it's yummy.

Love these oversized "ikan bilis" - I really don't know what they're called. Let's just call them "very tasty".

Beef. Mmmmm ... too lost for words.

I totally adore this seafood rice, I don't even know how to begin describing it, it's just ... HEAVENLY!

This is the only dish I didn't eat. It must be really good too, but the fat was too much for my liking.

This coffee-flavored pudding was a sweet way to wrap up the very satisfying lunch.

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