On my last day in Taipei, which was a Monday, I wanted to go out and relax with some friends after a hectic week at work, and an entire day of meetings and presentations. Haruka, 馒头 and I arranged to meet for dinner at 9 pm, before which Daniel and I had a good conversation about our personal lives. Overall it was a great chillout evening.

Haruka brought 馒头 and I to a new yakiniku place in Danshui. We feasted on a variety of meat and seafood, as well as smoothies. Everything was free flow depending on which menu we subscribed to. We went for the NT$399 one. We called it quits just before midnight so that I could still catch the train back to the hotel and pack for my departure back to Shanghai the next day. Hope to see these lovely girls again soon!

Beef or pork. I couldn't take too much of these, even though they're absolutely yummy.

These are 孕鱼 (pregnant fish) because there's lots of fish roe in them. It took some skill flipping the grill over (obviously we didn't grill these ourselves). These were truly delicious.

Red and juicy ... yummy.

These are 粘糕 (sticky cake). When grilled, they ballooned up, and then fell flat again. The slices were then rolled in a plate of crushed peanut, and tasted much like mochi.

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