Today is the last day of August. Before I forget, Happy National Day Malaysia! Selamat Hari Kebangsaan, Merdeka! Well, I haven’t been blogging since July 16. Freaking July 16! It’s been more than a month now. Don’t I have anything exciting to say? Don’t I have. July has been mind-blowing, in fact, I have way too much to say and show, that I have not found the time to properly do so.

2 business trips, 3 amazing cities – Wuhan, Xi’an (and the Terracotta Warriors!) and Tianjin, and a few other intriguing smaller towns near these cities, all new to me. And hence, this blank space for 6 weeks. I promise to have something up this weekend as my workload eases somewhat, so stay tuned. But that’d be September already, so here I am inserting the lone post of August.

September. What a month. I am so looking forward to it. I was debating where I should head for my vacation because I needed a break real soon, and because I had over 20 days of leave to clear. I shortlisted London and Barcelona. And well, maybe Japan (always Japan). Then Ctrip returned a RMB2247 price tag for a return ticket to Tokyo and in minutes the transaction was done.

Just like that, I’ll be going to Tokyo on 10 Sep, travel to Fukuoka which I’d never been previously so Dong Dong could show me around before she returns to Chengdu next year. Spending the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the Mooncake Festival with Dong Dong and company in Fukuoka guarantees great fun with lots of blog worthy material, so yeah, stay tuned to this space. Erm, I’ll be thinking of those Sky Lanterns, or Kongming Lanterns (孔明灯) released into the sky at Pingxi in Taiwan on this day. Like this.

And then I don’t know … I’m weighing options in Nagasaki, Osaka, Nara, Kanazawa, even Fukui or some less explored parts of Japan although language may be a problem, but what the hell … I’m gonna couchsurf a bit.

And then return to Tokyo for the long weekend. Hang out with Mike, hopefully Ryota’s free to meet up, head out to Tomio Koyama Gallery to get lost in the melancholy of Nara Yoshitomo’s art, stay in Nakano where cats talk, hehe, hunt down that Doraemon shop in Shimokitazawa (hell, I don’t even know if it’s still there but I adore Shimo and all the retro shops and cozy jazz n blues bars all the same). I wonder what’s the season’s flavor for Totoro puffs? Haha, I’ll be a lot closer to them this time, maybe pack some back for the guys and girls in Shanghai. Maybe I’ll hike up to Miyazaki’s studios in Mitaka (his actual work studio, not Ghibli Museum, I’ve been there before although I sure won’t mind a repeat visit to see Ponyo!). I can’t wait.

And barely two weeks after I return from Japan, I’ll head home to Singapore! Whee heee … sounds like a wonderful dreamy month ahead. Wake me up when September ends.


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