So, I will follow this route on my upcoming trip to Japan.

Tokyo > Fukuoka > Nara > Kanazawa > Tokyo (maybe Nikko too, it depends …)

Here is what my itinerary looks like on the map.

My fifth trip to Japan: 10 - 19 September 2011

Other than Tokyo, I’ll be surfing all the way. Well, too bad Tokyo spaces are so tiny, I can’t jolly well share Mike’s room! I’ve just been accepted to surf this Jap guy’s couch in Kanazawa, he seems really hospitable from all the references he’s got. And I’ve just sent a request to this wonderful family in Nara with two super cute kids, a boy and a girl who loves Disney as much as I do! And of course, I’ll be staying with Dong Dong in Fukuoka. Although I’ve known her for a couple of years now, we actually did meet on Couchsurfing. Gotta go out this weekend to get them gifts from Shanghai!

Overall, I’m so uber excited about this trip. However it turns out in the end, it can only be the highlight of this year so far. Can’t wait.


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