Xi’an is one of China’s four ancient capitals, making it one of the oldest cities in this country (about 3,100 years) that is culturally rich in every aspect of modern life. It is also less than an hour’s drive to Lintong (临潼), home of the Terracotta Warriors. It was to Lintong that we were headed for our research, not with the warriors but with regular residents of this small 5th-tier city.

Upon our arrival in Xi'an, the first thing to do is hit their delicacies. With thousands of years of history, we just couldn't wait.

Xi'an cuisine characterizes the food of the Northwest region, which is largely made up of flour-based food (compared to rice in the south). It is also spicy, which is entirely agreeable with me ^_^

This is the most difficult word in Chinese dictionary - 'biang'. It is actually the name for a kind of noodles called "biang biang mian". The people of Xi'an have a song that describes how this is written. Wah biang!!! (a Singaporean expression of disbelief)

Despite our tight schedule, we'd be pretty dumb to come all the way to Lintong and not see the Terracotta Warriors. Here they are, the army in its partial glory (much is left to be excavated).

A tourist with an interesting hat.

So peaceful amidst the chaos.

After the warriors, we had lunch in Lintong before heading back to Xi'an. I wasn't concentrating on the food as much as I was playing with our colleagues super adorable boy. He was shy at first, but once he warmed up to me (I must admit, I do have a way with kids and I really do enjoy them), I got all these fantastic expressions.

Our final night in Xi'an, we hit the night market. Many things to tempt the undiscerning tourist. Because we were yellow-skinned, we were chided for touching the goods. There were rampant signs which read "do not touch if you don't intend to buy".

Pictures were allowed though. As a sucker for cuteness, I couldn't resist these dolls. Didn't buy them.

This artist who blew animals out of sticky malt candies caught our attention.

While waiting for our evening flight, we took to the roads of Xi'an. This is the ancient city wall. Magnificent.

Some of the ancient buildings have been reconstructed, like this one, I think.

By this time, I was officially down with flu. We hit this famous mutton noodles place - 羊肉泡馍 - but only KK got to enjoy it in its full glory. With blocked nose, the great taste was lost on me, what a pity! But all the more reason to return in future.

A roundup of all the food we got to sample on this whirlwind 5-day trip to Wuhan, Jingmen, Xi'an and Lintong. Yummy!!!

So bye-bye for now. Don't miss me because I'll be back soon.


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