Golden Retriever

I have two favoritest dogs which are polar opposites. One is the ice cool huskies and malamutes, and the other one, the sunny golden retriever.

When I came home from running errands at Tesco this afternoon, I bumped into my neighbor with his retriever in the lobby. This was the first time I had met them. We then rode the elevator together until I got off (they live on a higher floor). I was beaming because the dog really made my day. It was gorgeous!

After my haircut later in the afternoon, I walked over to nearby Tianzifang (田子坊). There they were, another golden retriever hanging out with his friend (a white breed, I don’t what it is >_<“, who knows please tell me!) while their owner hung out with his. Gee, what are the chances of bumping into two retrievers in one single day when normally I don’t get to see them! \(^_^)/


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