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Today is Halloween Day. Happy Halloween! So while other people were having a blast playing ghouls and souls, but I wasn’t at any pubs or clubs at all, I still had a ball of a time, possibly the best weekend … Continue reading

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We were on the cab heading to dinner and somehow the topic on 2012 came up. There’s a joke going around here about how Steve Jobs and Gaddafi have both “boarded the ship” because no one has seen their bodies. … Continue reading

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October 8

Landing in Shanghai today and hearing the Singapore Airlines announcement – “Welcome to Shanghai. Today is October 8 … ” – gave me a sense of déjà vu. A year ago, the announcement I heard on this very day, also … Continue reading

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People ask me why I don’t get tired of travelling alone. Well, first, I have friends in different places across the globe. Second, it’s easier to make friends when you’re travelling alone than when you’re stuck with your own clique. … Continue reading

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I tried very hard to cut

I went to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art when I was in Kanazawa. There were some free exhibitions and one which I had to pay. It was “Inner Voices”, featuring the art of women, one of whom was … Continue reading

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Special post: RIP Steve Jobs

The whole world is now aware and mourning the passing of Steve Jobs. I don’t know him personally, and unlike many Macheads, I do not idolize him either. Yet there was immense sadness when I woke today to this gloomy … Continue reading

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Japan colors

Japan is a country that loves colors. And boy, can they (mis) match colors so haphazardly and yet still look super fashionable.

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