Special post: RIP Steve Jobs

The whole world is now aware and mourning the passing of Steve Jobs. I don’t know him personally, and unlike many Macheads, I do not idolize him either. Yet there was immense sadness when I woke today to this gloomy news.

There are only three things that I adore about Apple and Steve. The first are the iPods; I own three: the most beautiful 3rd Gen of what is now called iPod Classic, the iPod Nano (RED) and the iPod Touch Gen 4 with Facetime. The second are the classic white Macbooks which are now only available to schools (maybe Steve knew and engineered this – to eternalize the purity of Apple’s best design with the world’s next generation of users – the children – is a return to innocence in a cut-throat digiworld).

Last, but not least, Steve’s philosophy on life and dreams encapsulated in his very moving commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005 – “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.

My friend Fauzie asked if my very first iPod was still working. I had no idea. I’ve never once touched it since I got my iPod Nano (RED) in 2006 and then the Touch in 2010.

Now, I’ve just dug it out of my storeroom. My very first iPod, the most beautiful 3rd Gen. Now playing songs from my youth. The device and the music that saw me through very trying times when my grandma passed on, and the fondest memories of my numerous travels. It still works like magic.

My very first iPod, the 3rd Gen, and the most beautiful iPod Classic of them all, in my opinion. In Singapore, this was the first iPod that was launched. It was freaking expensive. There was a promotion with Citibank's Ready Credit card, which I didn't have, so I had to borrow a friend's so that I could get a 20% discount.

With iPod Touch 4th Gen. How far has the iPod come in ten short years?

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