Today is 2011.2011. I moved to Shanghai on 2010.2010. Yah whatever.

Yesterday, I took my Turkish surfer, who has now settled in Haining, to M50. Haven’t been there in a bit. I was still as amazed to find the unkempt abandoned area behind M50 as I did earlier this year, standing in sharp contrast to the high-rising city skyline of this metropolis. But different from my winter trek there, this time, we were treated to some pretty fall colors in the creepers on a creepy building.

Love the color of the creepers. Love the little blue elephant. I just bought a sticker of this elephant on Taobao last week. Hehe. Apparently a famous elephant that I know nothing about, but will surely find out.

This is the front door of that house with the blue elephant. It could be an abandoned building which has now become the shelter of stray dogs. I didn't peep inside, but counted two dogs looking out at us at the door.

A third handsome one was a little further away. After some interaction, he looked straight at my camera. Perfect snap. Haha. He was friendly enough to grant me a scratch behind his ears. They all love it 🙂


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