Again, another special date I guess. Erm, I’m not quite sure what to blog about, but since it’s a special date, I’ll just commemorate it with a post. Maybe something about love. Since it’s all in pairs.

A stamp set I ordered from Taobao for Hui Ching and Raymond's wedding this weekend, complete with customized name, date and the design of a pair of childhood lovers. All for only RMB53 and it was delivered to me in mere 5 days. Truly impressed and very happy with this purchase.

Since this is the month of the Archer, the horoscope site I subscribe to sent me some tips on loving and dating a Sagittarius. I admit, I do have a soft spot for Sagittarian men, who as the experts have advised, are both exciting and frustrating at the same time. Oh well, deal with it.


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