After the flight

Ahhh … I miss last night. I always like to look forward to something. When the something becomes actual, it loses steam. Just like Jean Baudrillard says, everything starts to disappear once you recognize its existence.

I was debating between going to the airport super early by train because the last Maglev train departs at 21:40, and taking a RMB200 cab ride to arrive just in time, which is usually my style. So I went with the latter, and met this wonderful lady cab driver. We exchanged contacts and she would be picking me up next Wednesday when I arrive in Shanghai at almost 23:00. Gosh, at such late hour when the next day is a working day, I’m really glad this new friend of mine would be making my homecoming smooth and easy.

When the plane’s doors closed, I couldn’t resist the dumb grin on my face for being so smart in predicting and choosing my seats. My 3-seater row was entirely empty save for my window seat. Brilliant. Of course, there was this lady who saw the emptiness and came into the aisle seat later, but yah, I was just getting a cheap thrill out of my smart choice.

It’s an uneventful flight and Krisworld didn’t have any cool Japanese or foreign films that I wanted to watch. This month’s selection was quite miserable. But they had Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2! I whooped with joy and thought I’d forego sleep and finish Part 1 on this trip and Part 2 next week. But alas, the sound system on my seat was faulty. The left channel was almost completely silent, so I could barely hear the dialogue in the movie. I became drowsy as a result, not helped by the gloomy mood of the film itself. So I slept for something like two hours, waking in time for breakfast.

I thought I’d give HP another chance and caught the end of Part 1. Man, it’s sooooooooooo depressing. Like everyone was dropping off dead. I don’t think I wanna watch the film at all. So I picked Friends with Benefits. I didn’t like the thought of watching Justin Timberlake but I do like Mila Kunis so I thought I’d give it a chance. As it turned out, it’s pretty tongue-in-cheek funny and JT wasn’t half bad. And man, it made me miss New York. And the coastlines of the US West Coast.

So here I am, after sleeping 4 hours upon reaching home, I’m having my coffee and blogging. I’ll head into the Singapore office to say hi to my awesome friends there, then head out for a haircut, shop for shoes for the wedding, maybe a dress too. Damn, so many things to do … shouldn’t I be relaxing when I’m on holiday?! But I’m excited. So ciao.


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