The Wedding

My “Mommy” got married last Saturday, 26 November 2011, to charming Raymond. Haha. That would be my third sister, Hui Ching, but I’m used to calling her “Mommy” because she’s exactly like one. Maybe even more “Mommy” than my mom, because she knows the best deals, especially for vegetables and groceries, in town. A talented accountant who has given up her well-paid profession to groom the kids at Serangoon Gardens School teaching Accountancy. It was heartening to see her fellow teachers turning up at the wedding, and presiding as emcees over this joyous celebration, to cheer her on this new journey of life. She’s gonna make one fine wife.

Up at 6 am to get hair and makeup done. Not just the bride ... all of us *yawn* Considering that we arrived home only at 1 am and slept at 3 am *double yawn*

It's a tradition for the bride to have her 姐妹 sisters group. Their sole job is to create obstacles for the groom and his 兄弟 brothers group in their bid to get to the bride. Here, two of the four sisters preparing the missiles.

After they were done, everyone moved upstairs for a picture with the beautiful bride.

So how can the real sisters miss out? Here's one with the second sister and brother-in-law.

Then it's just waiting ... it's a warm day so the bride is getting a little annoyed here. Why hasn't the groom arrived yet?!

Finally, he's here! But not so fast dude. You gotta get past the locked gate first.

I was upstairs capturing the poignant moment of my parents putting the bride's head veil on, and missed out on the games happening downstairs, which involved watermelons, bananas and balls. Haha.

After his rendition of "Tell Hui Ching I Love Her" and a love poem got approved by the bride, the groom successfully claimed the bride.

Then it's time to honor the elders, starting with praying to the ancestors.

Then, tea was served to everyone older than the bride and groom, from parents to siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins. The couple also were served tea by younger siblings. Many ang pows (red packets with money) were involved.

Then the couple fed each other with some sort of sweet dessert to symbolize marital bliss and many kids thereafter.

It's time to move on to the groom's place. My parents had to see Hui Ching off to her new home with her husband, using an umbrella to shelter her against whatever weather that she may encounter along her new life journey.

The umbrella sheltered her all the way to the waiting bridal sedan.

At her new home, in the bridal chambers.

Outside, all the guests were treated to light snacks and drinks.

While waiting for the rest of the morning's proceedings, we tried to be funny to fight boredom.

At the groom's, a similar tea ceremony took place.

The whole affair ended with a family photo.

The same evening, a reception took place at a Chinese restaurant. A counter was set up to receive guests and their ang pows. Hehe.

A quick shot with the lovely bride and groom before they got busy.

Old Shanghai was the theme for her wedding dinner, which explains the cheongsam. These old-style posters were imported by me from Shanghai. The couple also had similar postcards for guests to write their best wishes for the couple.

These traditional clogs, typical of Melaka, were the table gift for guests, and also part of the old-skool theme.

A typical wedding dinner in Malaysia looks like this. Lots of empty chairs because everyone was somewhere mingling with people they haven't seen in a while.

The couple popped the bottle for a toast later.

First, the couple exchanged a drink.

Next, parents were called on-stage for the "yam seng" toast session. There were altogether three toasts, one for the couple's marital bliss, one for the many children that they would have, and I forget the third one.

The violinist was an interesting choice, belting out oldies fit to the Shanghainese theme, against a backdrop I helped to create for the wedding.


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  1. boo says:

    why in all the pictures she looked so fierce?

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