The Accident

On December 18, we were invited to the prize presentation ceremony of 《名人堂》which would be aired over Beijing TV. We were to receive the 《完美工作派》, or “Perfect Team” award. It was my first time attending a TV event and receiving an award on top of that, so I was naturally hyped ^_^.

We didn’t have to be there until evening, so a couple of nice colleagues took us to the 798 Art Space. Perhaps an hour into the visit, the mischievous me was demonstrating hopscotch as we talked about our childhood games. Alas, I fell flat on the left side of my face, giving me an early Christmas present of a swollen eye.

Thanks to the very skilled makeup artists, the swollen black eye was invisible on camera.

This event honors China’s Post-80’s generation (80后) who have made significant achievements in their young lives. There were entrepreneurs, celebrities and of course, designers like us.

I'm a Post-80s generation! ^_^

A shot with my colleague, Shining Xu - a Color, Material and Finishing Specialist - after the makeup and before the show.

Backstage action.

The recording studio and the young fans of celebs who would be performing later. And all the big-ass cameras. Man, I miss my production days.

The boyband everyone was waiting for! I honestly have forgotten their name >_<

This dancer also received an award for her achievements in the arts.

They received awards for entrepreneurship.

And us! Shining explaining how we dabble with materials all the time to finally result in the exquisite design of the Zenbook.

Probably my favorite and most respected achievement of the night is this. The gentleman in the maroon coat donated 100,000 yuan to build a shelter that provides aid and education for the poor children and their families. Some of the recipients were present here on stage.

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