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Lion dance

What are the odds that I get to see lion dance performances twice in a row. Yesterday after lunch, we saw a performance at the new mall at Changi Business Park. Today, I was lucky enough to choose to go … Continue reading

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I felt really sick today, more than last week when I was down with the first bout of flu. Woke up with a throb in the head and the throat felt funny too. It only got worse as the day … Continue reading

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Ah! if only everyday was like today 🙂 when I could pamper every little inch of my mind, body and soul. I landed at 6 am. By the time I got home, it was already seven and daylight was breaking. … Continue reading

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Year of the Dragon

I am taking off homeward-bound at 10 mins past midnight later today. So excited! I want to be back in the Singapore/Malaysia pre-Chinese New Year festive mood. It is odd that in spite of this being China, the festive atmosphere … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th

… and I’ve been struck by the evil flu. The flu that Hanah so thoughtfully avoided passing to me. And I’m glad Sam chose to travel in Guilin instead of swinging by Shanghai as my flu virus grows more potent. … Continue reading

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Random Beijing

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Monday Mishaps

I began the week with bad news from a couple of friends. Is it because this Friday is the 13th? Who knows. First, Sam who was staying at a guesthouse called Utopia on the beach of Sihanoukville, Cambodia told me that … Continue reading

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