Christmas Gifts (of words)

Christmas came and gone, the gifts remain close to my heart.

On my last trip home end of November, my two best friends, Pauline and Fauzie, gave me the first gifts I would receive for this season.

Pauline's very, very lovely reindeer necklace housed in an exquisite "Girl With A Pearl Earring" box, all hand-made.

Fauzie is my e-book supplier. So when she couldn't find this book that I was requesting for, she went out and bought a hard copy for Christmas. For me. I'm so very touched by the thoughtfulness.

I was browsing at Kinokuniya myself when this book caught my attention. It’s not a conventional guide book, but one that records personal experiences of celebrities when travelling in the beautiful country of Japan along with their favorite places to go. I bought not one, but two copies, one for me and one for Daniel who would head there with his family for the first time during the Christmas holidays.

Note the little bookmark that says 2012. This book will definitely come in handy for me this year. Without a doubt.

My very intelligent surfer (as a matter of fact he is, being a master candidate at SAIS Johns Hopkins), Sam gave me this book about journeys, rootlessness and loneliness for Christmas, partly because he had written my contact information in full detail at the back of the book. Haha! To plant a home address in a book about rootlessness is quite the irony. I’m going to give you a present for you to find yourself, he said. I haven’t lost myself yet, so how can I find it. To which he replied, not everything needs to be lost to be found.

Some parts of the stories in this book eerily resonate with my own experience, and I would think the same for every other traveler, Sam included. So I thank Sam for gifting this to me.


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