Reflections: Dreams

Spending this long New Year’s weekend flipping through Sam’s blog is making me unusually reflective of my own goals.

“Do you know what’s worth fighting for?”

I have one single goal – happiness. I want to achieve this selfish goal by channeling happiness through other people. Kids.

In 2007, on my first close encounter with China, I saw so much happiness in the innocent faces of children at rural Jiuzhaigou, a popular tourist destination. How much good the tourist dollars have done this place, I have no idea, but they should not strip these children of their innocent bliss.

Happy smiles in spite of their spartan rural lifestyle

On the same trip, at 萝卜村 (Luobocun) in Maoxian, I saw a class in session in a room which would be flattened in about a year on 5.12 in the worst earthquake to hit China in decades. Children were running about the dusty grounds, peeping behind doors at the strange tourists, a little apprehensive, a lot of curiosity. There is so much vibrance, so much potential, yet how far these children can continue to thrive in a sparse educational climate is in doubt.

School's out! I wonder what happened to these kids after the 5.12 quake

I came to know of of the 3 yuan a day initiative that has gone viral online started by a group of journalists to help provide free lunch for hundreds of kids in the most rural parts of China so that they can at least take to their pens with full stomachs. So little effort, so much happiness.

3 yuan subsidies so kids could go to school, healthy

Can I put my know-how to good use? Can good design bring happiness to these people and to myself?

In my honest opinion, these are the very people good design should provide for – the ones with (stealing from Sam) “a billion untold stories locked away behind the bamboo curtain”, not those who want another iPad after they just got one. Some professionals call it Social Innovation. Be it that or not, I am sure this Social Innovation will be the only necessary thing that meaningful design will be built on in a materialistic future. It’s gonna be something I want to pursue with vehemence.


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