Rooftop solitude

Last night, I went out with three friends to watch the #1 box office film from Taiwan last year – You Are the Apple of My Eye – 《那些年我们一起追的女孩》。Ah, what memories it brings back. The misbehavior, the miscommunication, the missed opportunities. All part and parcel of growing up, best woven into a stunning fabric of memory and wrapped tightly around a little corner of my heart.

Moving on with good memories.

While waiting for Chongbei and Hanzhong, Zhang Ai and I wandered around the luxurious IFC Mall. The movie was to be at the Cinema Palace where I’ve always wanted to go ever since I saw it featured on Wallpaper magazine. The marble walls were quite amazing with some intricate design details and the seats spacious and comfortable, but other than that, well, it’s just another theater. Maybe I wasn’t paying too much attention to the details.

We discovered the roof garden on the fifth floor. Although pretty low, it offered some solitude in the hustle bustle of Shanghai’s premium financial district. With Christmas barely behind us and the Chinese New Year coming up really soon, the lights were beautiful on this mild winter night. Alas, I wanted to travel light, hence I left my camera at home and had to contend with the camera on my iPod.

view from the roof - Apple Store and The Pearl sparkle brightly amidst the festive lights

View from the roof - Apple Store in a field of blue Christmas lights

This quiet rooftop gives a perfectly clear view, and shot, of The Pearl.


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