Monday Mishaps

I began the week with bad news from a couple of friends. Is it because this Friday is the 13th? Who knows.

First, Sam who was staying at a guesthouse called Utopia on the beach of Sihanoukville, Cambodia told me that a fellow dorm mate fell off her top bunk. Despite being covered in blood and repeated pleas from Sam and two other Swedish girls to the hostel’s staff to send her to the clinic, nothing was done. The other backpackers would not lift their fingers as well, choosing to ignore the girl’s painful cries. In the end, the trio managed to get her on the tuk tuk to a clinic where she received something like 20 stitches.

The lack of human compassion was appalling, I simply could not comprehend how people could just dismiss it as “since she can make it to the bathroom, she can sleep it off”, when clearly, she was in so much pain and the gash was bloody and glaring.

Sometime during the night, I received a message from my would-be surfer, a Korean girl from San Francisco that she had missed her flight due to a couple of accidents on the freeway. She then messaged me again to say that she’s coming down with a serious flu and hence, was forced to change her plans from staying with me to solitary confinement in some hotel room. Hope she gets well soon and we get to hang out sometime.

Fortunately, Monday was not all bleak. We had a mini celebration in the office for babies born in the first quarter of the year. Whoever came up with this idea, I don’t know, but I for sure am not too delighted with this arrangement. It’s far too impersonal, almost like a business transaction that “oh we need to celebrate birthdays, let’s do it in the most convenient and efficient way”. When have birthdays become a commodity that can be industrialized/mechanized? It didn’t help that seven out of the thirteen in our team were born in the first quarter of the year.

Our delicious chestnut cake.

It was Jan 9, also Kate Middleton’s 30th birthday. So, Happy Birthday, princess. Many dream to be like you.

"Someday my prince will come."

Many others just want to be free in the captivity of freedom v(^_^)v


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