Year of the Dragon

I am taking off homeward-bound at 10 mins past midnight later today. So excited! I want to be back in the Singapore/Malaysia pre-Chinese New Year festive mood. It is odd that in spite of this being China, the festive atmosphere is not thick at all. Maybe it’s only because I’m in transient Shanghai.

I remember accompanying my friend back to her ancestral hometown in rural Fujian one time during the 2003 春节 (Spring Festival, which is essentially the Chinese New Year) and the ambience was fantastic. The fireworks were brilliant and firecrackers loud.

Anyway, you know the Chinese New Year celebrations are near when you start hearing those hair-raising but catchy “dong dong chang” songs in the mall. Then, every screen you turn to is playing a video like this:

Or this, a nice old skool “God of Fortune” Cantonese version.

Thanks to Loi who sent some of those videos, there is some CNY mood these couple of days before I actually head home later. Can’t wait.

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