Ah! if only everyday was like today 🙂 when I could pamper every little inch of my mind, body and soul.

I landed at 6 am. By the time I got home, it was already seven and daylight was breaking. Still, I slept. For 3 hours till ten or so. After a nice warm shower (what a treat after weeks of lukewarm showers in Shanghai!), I took a leisurely walk to the eatery for my coffee – kopi gao (thick coffee in Hokkien) – which I brought home in a plastic bag. The coffee and I spent a couple of lazy hours in front of the computer before I was due to head out to meet a 1:30 pm appointment with my wonderful masseuse, Ivy.

Ivy gave me chocolate-flavored body scrub. When she was finished, I felt like I could eat myself! I smelt heavenly 🙂 After an equally delicious bone-breaking and muscle-tearing massage (haha, kidding!), I was ready to leave for my skin-stretching and pore-pinching facial appointment. I was feeling hungry, so I headed to Bugis Junction to grab my favorite Old Chang Kee curry puff. And I found these! Three pairs for SGD13.

I wanted the panda one, but it was for kids 😦 These are super cute anyway, so no problem! 🙂 Btw, the cute graphics are supposed to be anti-friction!

The 2-hour facial was totally decadent too, stuffing my face with all the nutrients that I’ve been depriving it with my poor eating and lotion application habits. Then, I was off to Chapter 2 to make my hair short and cute, and of course, somewhat healthier via hair root treatment. Again, to compensate for my poor diet and general (other than washing) hair care habits.

It was already past 8 PM when I left the salon. I decided to head out to Albert Center to grab some Chinese New Year goodies and also some dinner. I was delighted to find the super crowded store this time of year had a queue system in place this year so that in spite of the ever-growing crowd, I was not stressed out trying to out-fight the aunties to place my orders. I walked away happily with bags of shrimp and pork floss snacks as well as some pistachios (开心果 – happy nut, a must-have for a Happy Chinese New Year!).

My dinner turned out to be this – the famous Singapore Rojak! Really, it’s highly recommended on TV.

I asked the uncle to put more chili, and he really was a generous man. Super spicy, just the way I like it 🙂

With the heavy bags, I decided to take bus 80 home, where I could park my bum on a seat (no chance on the for-sure-crowded MRT).

Homeward-bound, I walked past the elderly couple who sold ice-cream sandwich under the overhead bridge. They were wrapping up, but cut a piece of the cubish ice-cream to share between them. How sweet! Such simple enjoyment with one’s beloved beats all the riches in the world.

Uniquely Singapore/Malaysia.

And the soundtrack to all this happiness?

Life is beautiful! \(^_^)/


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