I felt really sick today, more than last week when I was down with the first bout of flu. Woke up with a throb in the head and the throat felt funny too. It only got worse as the day drew on. Still, I had to go to the Singapore office as I’ve really missed my colleagues there, and yah, there’s work to be done. But I knew I was really sick when:

1) My hearing was impaired – kept hearing the wrong things or not hearing at all. Cindy had to repeat a few times to get the message across. A poor Citibank telemarketer had to repeat his a few times before I could finally grasp what he was saying.

2) My comprehension was messed – when Liren asked when I would be coming back to Singapore after the CNY, I said the 20th, before she quickly corrected me that the CNY had not even started on the 20th. I really meant “on Tuesday”.

3) Feeling hot and cold at the same time.  I finally wore the fleece sweater Fauzie gave me last year, and out in the afternoon sun, without feeling especially hot. Yet, my skin and breath were burning up, and I was float-walking (or it felt like it).

As usual, I took bus 27 home. That must be the longest ride ever. Yes, there was some traffic jam but it would have been nothing had I been well. But having to stand in the crowded bus with the heavy laptop weighing down my shoulders, and one hand carrying four containers of CNY cookies, and oh so sick, I felt like collapsing.

I finally made it home, sent a message to my sister to bring me some soupy food when she came back, and then took a nap. Yup, the one redeeming factor of being sick at home was at least there’re people looking out for you.


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